Nothing beats a classic irish bacon and cabbage on a typical irish cold foggy day like today •MASH•100g of cauliflower boiled and mashed with 100g potatoes, drained and mashed together with 1 egg yoke, salt and pepper •VEG•the vegetables are a mix of carrots and parsnips (boiled together) and mashed using a tsp of butter, […]


☆KOREAN CHICKEN☆ Slow cooked Korean chicken served with rice…

☆KOREAN CHICKEN☆ Slow cooked Korean chicken served with rice vermicelli (or you can use ready to work noodles) •INGREDIENTS• 1x chopped onion, 2x chopped carrots, 4x chopped mini baby corns, handful of mushrooms, 2x chicken breasts diced, half lean chopped •STOCK• 70mls of light soya sauce, tsp of honey, tsp of garlic pureé, tsp of […]

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☆BBQ SKEWERS☆ Sticky Orange BBQ Skewers using @unislimclubs Marinade Recipe 👉1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice 👉1/4 cup no added sugar ketchup (I used @realgoodketchup) 👉2 tbsp soy sauce light 👉2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice 👉1/4 tsp black pepper Simply mix all of the ingredients together in a jar and shake well. Allow meat […]


Homemade Taytos

👉Weigh out your 200g of potatoes 👉Slice them as thinly as possible 👉Pat dry them with some kitchen paper 👉Season with any flavour you like 👉Pop into the grill for 20mins  I personally used a halogen oven at 180 degrees for 15mins but kept an eye on them 😊  You can do the same with the #GeorgeForeman and also then oven too  […]

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Crunch Bowl

Stewed Cinnamon Apple, Cous Cous Crunch, Dollop Of Natural Yogurt and Mixed Fruit  •STEWED APPLE• 2 skinned cooking apple, orange and lemon zest, tbsp of cinnamon, half a can of 7 up free bring to a boil and mash when bubbling  •COUS COUS CRUNCH• Add 40g of cous cous, tsp of salted caramel and boiling water, slightly […]

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Scotch Egg

Boil your eggs for 7mins. Once they are boiling add your mince to your bowl and mash, add in some garlic and mix together. Once eggs are cooked de-shell and let them to cool. Cover your egg in your mince, wrap in tin foil and leave to set in the fridge for 20mins. Make your bread crumbs […]

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Creamy Chicken Curry

This  is a slow cooker recipe but can also be cooked on the hob too Ingredients 👉Mini Chicken Breasts 👉Tin Peas 👉Tin of Carrots 👉1&1/2 Tin 50% Reduced Chicken Soup 👉Tbsp of – black pepper, garlic, curry powder, garam masala 👉Mushrooms 👉60g basmati rice Add the vegetables and chicken to your slow cooker. In a […]

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Tortilla and Salsa

☆TORTILLA & SALSA☆ Nothing like Tortilla and Salsa Dip For A Night In Front Of The TV 📺 This Recipe Serves 2 1 Bite Per Wrap As A Snack on the @unislimclubs To Make The Tortillas Ingredients: * 2 – 10 Inch wholemeal tortilla wraps * Sprinkle Salt * Paprika Method: Preheat oven to 200 […]

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